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Global Food Summit 2020: Urban Food Circles

We still have eight months until the next Global Food Summit will take place again in the Münchner Residenz. The organization is already running at full speed. Our topic for the upcoming congress from 25 to 26 March 2020 in Munich is:

"Foodtropolis - Urban.Circular.Food."

By 2030, two thirds of the world's population will live in metropolises, where they will consume - and dispose of - around 80 percent of our food. In the cities alone, the amount of waste is expected to double from 1.3 to 2.6 billion tons per year by 2025. The cities are therefore faced with the challenge of turning the current waste management industry into a raw materials industry in the future.

Waste materials are valuable resources that could be fed back into the circle, including CO2. For city dwellers this is a challenge, for farmers it is an opportunity that has already been lived: food waste can be processed for human consumption, as animal feed, as raw materials for industry, converted into fertiliser or used to generate energy. Examples include larval farms fed on food residues, algae production in grey water or the processing of by-products into textile fibres. The innovative circular economy secures the long-term and sustainable resource requirements of modern societies and has the potential to create a more climate-friendly agriculture.

Our decisive task for the future is to work out and implement the idea of an "Urban Circular Food Economy" from the perspective of the city. It has the potential to produce more climate-friendly and to conserve resources.

At the Global Food Summit we will discuss the opportunities Artificial Intelligence, urban food production and waste circles offer for sustainability. Because the answers will help us to implement the United Nations' sustainability goals and also provide solutions for climate change.