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Insects as a missing link in the circular economy

Currently, our value chain is predominantly linear. We grow something, process it into food and throw away the leftovers after consumption. We can do so much more with our waste and close our value chain, make it circular.

Protix in Dongen is a good example of a solution. Since 2009, the Dutch company has been developing animal feed, fertilisers and food from the very high-protein larvae of the black soldier fly. With the help of high-tech solutions, Artificial Intelligence, genetic improvement programmes and robotics, Protix is able to produce consistently and in the right quality and use the protein-rich larvae for its products. The company received the Technology Pioneer Award from the World Economic Forum in 2015.

Not only for Protix are insects the largest upcyclers in nature and the missing link in our food system. They can turn fruit and vegetable waste into valuable body mass very quickly and in a resource-saving way: On an area of only 20 square metres, one tonne of insects can be cultivated in six days and then processed. This protein source therefore consumes considerably less land and water than conventional sources such as soya and meat and has a low ecological footprint.

An overview of the current state of research, breeding and processing of insects can be found at the International Conference INSECTA from 5 to 6 September 2019 in Potsdam. Besides Protix, many other experts will present their products and projects and discuss the exciting topic of insects. insecta-conference.com

Bildquelle/Picture: Protix