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Interview with Stephan Becker-Sonnenschein: Science Week provides insights into the world of tomorrow

1. Mr. Becker-Sonnenschein, the Global Food Summit will be present at the Scinece Week in Berlin for the first time this year, why?

The scientific disciplines overlap more and more often and new, exciting and unexpected solutions emerge for questions that could not be answered within one discipline in the past. Science Week provides insights into the world of tomorrow, in which sustainable action is improved through technical innovations.

2. What can visitors expect from you?

We'll be highlighting the area of nutrition and food. Artificial intelligence enables new ways of growing and producing food. Our speakers will present concepts in which waste is processed into recyclable materials, sensors that drive precision farming forward, animal feed that enables more sustainable animal husbandry or agriculture in containers.

3. And what do you expect from it?

Transformation can only take place if the people affected are astonished and can get an idea of the new possibilities. The Global Food Summit seeks socio-political dialogue in order to give inventions a chance to be implemented.

4. Why does the discussion about food innovations belong in the public domain?

We live in a society with many rules and conventions. Nutrition affects everyone and is highly emotional. That is why innovations and the associated changes in conventions must be made known and agreed with everyone.