Invitation to the Berlin Science Week 21. Foodtropolis:Urban.Circular.Food & Climate Change

A Schnitzel is also just a string of molecules. Global Food Summit goes Science Week 2021

This is the third time, the Global Food Summit will be part of the Berlin Science Week on November 5, 2021 and lend a voice to innovations in food production. For the first time in partnership with the German Institute of Food Technologies (DIL).The founder of the Global Food Summit, Stephan Becker-Sonnenschein, explains:

A Schnitzel consists of around 1024 molecules. These tiny, multi- atomic particles are responsible for what we taste, and how food feels in our mouths. Today, we can break the food down into its molecules and reassemble it in a new and more sustainable way.

The US company Endless West from California, for example, produces the flavourful "remake" of a 20-year-old whiskey in less than 24 hours from a molecular mix. It costs only half as much as a traditionally distilled whiskey and is produced with 75% less water consumption and 40% less CO2 emissions - and all this in the middle of San Francisco, in the middle of the city.

This whiskey is good for the climate - what about other urban food?

How can a bio-based urban circular economy contribute to achieve the 2030 climate targets? Urban "techno-farmers" are already using aquaponics, vertical farming or food labs to supply their regional community with innovative, ecological products.

So what can cell-cultured meat or milk, produced with microorganisms, do to improve the urban carbon footprint? And how can we reduce the amount of drinking water in the wastewater system while still returning nutrients from food to agriculture?

These Questions we will be discussed digitally on November 5, 2021 from 9:00h to 18:30h, under the title:

Foodtropolis: Urban.Circular.Food. & Climate Change

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On November 5, we will welcome His Excellency, the Ambassador of Peru in Germany, Elmer Schialer Salcedo. Peru is plagued by severe drought and is making great efforts to make water available for people and land with innovative technologies. His Excellency will open the session "Water and Climate- Future Water Management" in Cities.

Our brief program overview:

9.00 AM : Science in times of lateral thinking

9.30 AM : FARM2FORK:How can we close the nutrient cycle?

12.00 PM: Why is private investment in food innovation in Germany necessary?

12.30 PM: Water & Climate: Future water Management in Cities 17.00 PM: A Schnitzel is just a string of molecules

We are pleased to welcome Alfred Jansen, Head of Communication and Sustainability at IGLO, and Raffael Wohlgensinger, CEO at Formo from Berlin. Under the motto "A Schnitzel is just a string of molecules", the topic of cell-cultured protein will be discussed. Dr. Volker Heinz, Chairman of the German Institute of Food Technologies (DIL) will address the topic of protein production and processing for food. Furthermore, Dr. Nehreen Majed from Bangladesh will give a speech on the wastewater problems in the country; Prof. Christian von Hirschhausen from TU Berlin will talk about the possible nutrient turnaround and whether bioeconomy can be profitable. Prof. Bastian Halecker from the University of Potsdam will present the necessity of private investments for food start-ups. Dr. Sven Hartmann from IVA gives his presentation on phosphate recycling and Dr. Sergiy Smetana from DIL is going to talk about the water footprint in livestock farming.

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About the Global Food Summit:

The Global Food Summit works together with the German Academy of Science and Engineering (acatech), the University of California, Berkeley, Wageningen University, the Technical University of Munich, TUM and the Bavarian Nutrition Cluster of the Bavarian State Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry.The Global Food Summit takes place once a year in Munich. Here, leading companies, science, politics, start-ups, media and associations meet to give a voice to the innovative along the food supply chain.