Will cities shape our perception of food and nature?

20.03. - 21.03.2019

Food for 9 billion people in 2050

We present:

Nominated start-ups of the start-up session of the Global Food Summit. In January the jury will decide which companies will pitch and an audience award will be given to the winner. Extended: You can still nominate your favorite start-up! Application deadline for all nominated start-ups is 15th January 2019.

Prolupin GmbH

Prolupin is a producer of high quality, GMO-free lupine-based plant proteins. They are creating value in the complete supply-chain, from the farmer to the consumer, through their patented extraction process and own B2C food portfolio and B2B business partners. In contrary to other plant-based proteins, the unique lupine protein-isolate (LPI) - awarded by The Federal Presidents Award for Innovation and Technology 2014 - enables a sensory neutral product profile and usage comparable with conventional products, unmatched by any other plant protein based food/beverage offer.



With Cryptowerk, our customers seal data at scale in blockchains in order to generate digital trust and auditability. Our technology helps to make data and information of any kind irrefutable and provable. This is used (amongst other use cases) to make supply chains more secure and trustworthy or to identify the authenticity of products.



Inspiriert von Vertical Farming und mit der Vision zukünftig Salate und Kräuter immer frisch in der eigenen Küche zu ernten – ohne Pestizide gewachsen, vollgepackt mit Nährstoffen und Vitaminen – gründeten wir 2013 das Unternehmen agrilution mit Sitz im Westen von München. Mittlerweile arbeiten über 20 Mitarbeiter an der Markteinführung des Plantcubes. In den letzten Jahren konnten wir bekannte Investoren wie Tengelmann Ventures und OSRAM für uns gewinnen.


Aleph Farms

​At Aleph Farms, we believe meat is one of life’s  pleasures, to be celebrated and enjoyed without  the downsides to health and the environment. Aleph Farms aims to offer superior, healthier, slaughter-free meat, providing a new customer experience.



At SENS, we want to make insect eating the new normal.
We see insects as the easiest way to rapidly improve the quality and sustainability of our diet.


Finless Foods

Finless Foods is a food startup working toward a world where everyone has access to healthy, delectable seafood, without the environmental devastation or the health hazards of traditional fishing and aquatic farming.
We use cutting-edge cellular-agriculture technologies to grow marine-animal cells, creating fish and seafood products enjoyed around the world. This means the world can enjoy fresh, sustainable seafood at affordable prices, without catching or farming the species on which they’re based.


Growing Underground

At Growing Underground, we sustainably grow mouth-wateringly fresh micro greens and salad leaves 33 metres below the busy streets of Clapham. Using the latest hydroponic systems and LED technology, our crops are grown year-round in the perfect, pesticide-free environment that these forgotten tunnels provide. Thanks to a controlled environment, each tiny leaf tastes as amazing as the last. Our greens are unaffected by the weather and seasonal changes, and thanks to our prime location, we reduce the need to import crops and drastically reduce the food miles for retailers and consumers.


MINT Engineering GmbH

MINT Engineering GmbH is an innovative supplier of photobioreactors for microalgae. We develop, produce and market facilities for the cultivation of microalgae in all sizes and we offer our customers tailor-made services.
We stand for engineering know-how of customized plants and accompany you competently through the project phase. To ensure an efficient, scalable and systematically adapted operation of the plant, we have developed an innovative controller concept.



Wir kombinieren Grillenmehl mit biologischen Zutaten, ohne Kompromisse. Dabei enthalten unsere Bio-Insektensnacks kein Soja, kein Milcheiweiß und keinen Kristallzucker. Das alles komplett Bio-zertifiziert.



The aponix vertical barrel is a solution to enable local or ‚hyperlocal‘ edible plant production in 3D. The mission is to eliminate food miles and waste around food logistics and at the same time delivering more varieties harvested at the ideal ripeness to consumers delivering much higher nutrition and more fun. And aponix explicitly addresses commercial activities _and_ end prosumers. Any plant which eventually is consumed from such a system will be a win for planet and people. Aponix provides robust horticulture building blocks that make it possible to set up grow spaces efficiently within a 3-dimensional cultivation space.


skipping Rocks Lab

Skipping Rocks Lab is an innovative sustainable packaging start-up based in London. We are pioneering the use of natural materials extracted from plants and seaweed, to create packaging with low environmental impact. Our first product, Ooho, will revolutionise the water-on-the-go market. The spherical flexible packaging can also be used for other liquids including water, soft drinks, spirits and cosmetics, and our proprietary material is actually cheaper than plastic.



waterdrop™ enriches your water with fruit and plant extracts including valuable vitamins — everything that helps you drink more.



LISTO fights chronic malnutrition with fortified baby foods.
A child is chronically malnourished when it doesn’t get the vitamins and minerals that it needs to grow up healthy over a long period. As a consequence, the child’s cognitive, physical, and social development are affected. A child is especially vulnerable to this during the first two years of life. Therefore, LISTO develops baby foods that adapt to local needs and tastes.
LISTO is based in Guatemala, where 1 in 2 children are severely affected. Through better nutrition, we help these children to grow up to become healthier and more productive adults. By scaling up our operations, we empower the new generation that is born today to free themselves, their families, their communities, and their countries out of poverty and preserve human capital that is so urgently needed to solve all other challenges ahead.



Noyanum offers a demand forecast solution for the food service and catering industry based on artificial intelligence. Our algorithm analyzes historical data to improve purchase and production planning significantly – reducing food waste and saving costs. 



The food that we eat is destroying our planet and our health. 15 kg of grain are needed to produce one kg of beef. A third of the world's food production goes to waste. To feed the expected population in 2050 food production will have to double Why do we still need to grow a cow to eat a hamburger or wheat to make a bun. We can print the Mona Lisa, it's time we start printing our food!


Eco Pack

We developed a biodegradable material which is dissolves under water, oxygen and bacteria, living in a nature, and we believe that it will be a polyethylene replacement!



Founded in November 2017 in Canton Vaud in Switzerland, KITRO is a Swiss based company that focuses on bringing back the value of all food.


Aggressively Organic

The Aggressively Organic Mission: End Food Insecurity in Our Lifetime.
We Will Do This By designing, developing, and delivering weapons of mass creation™ in the form of sustainable, accessible, and easy to use agricultural systems that can be used by anyone, anytime regardless of space or experience.  



LOEWI makes personalized nutrition available to everyone. The data driven business model digitizes renowned methods of the "Centre for Preventive and Sports medicine" in the field of personalized nutrition and thereby automates the following process:

1. Analyze: LOEWI sends you your blood-test-kit right to your doorstep. A finger prick is enough to analyze 35 biomarkers in a certified laboratory.
2.Understand: On LOEWI´s certified health platform you have access to all your laboratory results - Easily explained and intuitively visualized.
3. Act: You receive you personalized supplement as well as personalized diet recommendations tailored specifically to your individual needs on the basis of the blood test and a thorough anamnesis.
4. Track: See how your nutritional status has developed over time through regular tests to validate your actions.  After every test your supplement and the respective dietary recommendations are optimized and adjusted to your current needs



TRU-ID provides confidence that food is authentic by helping stakeholders in the food supply chain eliminate fraud. We use DNA technology to accurately identify the ingredients on site using our biotechnology. We work with food producers, suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers of which we offer 2 key benefits to our clients:
1)       Verification of Ingredient Identity and Supply Chain quality assurance
2)       Brand differentiation by providing independent 3rd party certification of authentic products.
3)       Risk mitigation by reducing the possibility that they will be subject to regulatory action or brand damage / liability through supplying inauthentic products


Be Seen Be Safe Ltd.

Be Seen Be Safe Ltd is a purpose led business that exists to protect the health and welfare of commercial livestock and poultry from pathogen exposure and abusive behaviour. In so doing we protect farmers, industries, and entire jurisdictions from the very significant economic and social costs associated with livestock diseases and sub-standard welfare practices.
To do this we apply combinations of available cutting-edge hardware and software technologies at points in the value chain where livestock and poultry in intensive systems are most likely to be exposed to pathogen incursion or welfare mismanagement. When an exact technology match does not exist, we invest in developing it.Over 2000 properties worldwide are using or piloting Be Seen Be Safe to protect their valuable livestock assets, industry reputation and market access. Our systems employ a combination of:
- Data harvesting using real time syndromic surveillance and fomite and vector mapping;
- Analytics (real time mapping of pathogen pathways and transmission agents) – AI technologies are in development and;
- Real time alerts (various methods).


Quinta Superfoods

Quinta Superfoods produces complete, highly soluble, high protein, high nutrient foods using Quinta Quinoa, Canada’s newest whole plant source.  After 5 years of research and development, we proudly commercialized our high protein, high iron, all- natural Quinta Quinoa.  In 2018, we became the largest producer of quinoa in North America.  We are now focused on scaling our Canadian production and processing, expanding our proprietary Quinta Quinoa food ingredients for the plant protein markets…ask us how to maximize your carbon credit opportunities.


Start-up on Stage

You support an innovative start-up working on a disruptive idea along the food chain? You want us to know about them and recommend to invite them to pitch at the Global Food Summit 2019 in Munich’s “Residenz” castle. Well, this is the place to be. Recommendations welcome from Venture Capital Holders, Business Angels or Industry experts, send us name and address, we will contact them and ask for details.

We are looking for disruptive ideas in the areas of:
  • Smart Urban Farming
  • Circular Systems
  • Plant/Animal Data Analytics
  • Biotech
  • Packaging
  • New Farm to Consumer Marketplaces

Please recommend to us:

  • Convincing teams with exceptional ideas and pitch-loving entrepreneurs
  • Disruptive and sustainable approach contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Traction: Existing and growing demand for product. Startup has raised seed/Series A funds

How is the process of participation?

Applications to pitch are by invitation-only. Invitations are based on the recommendation by a Venture Capital Holder, an Business Angel, an industry expert.

Selected start-ups will receive an invitation to apply for the pitch competition and:

  • Extended: Apply until 15 January 2019
  • Get nominated until the end of January 2019
  • Present your product or service at Global Food Summit on 20 March 2019
What are the benefits?
  • 3 minute pitch + 3 minute Q&A to an audience of industry leaders, media, politics, and world-class scientists
  • Dedicated display space to showcase your product or service
  • Be in the running to win the Global Food Summit People’s Choice Award (Live voting at conference)
  • Attend Dinner with top executives, politics and media

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